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stoner rock from innsbruck / austria


Set the desert to music - 6020magazin review

02. Nov 2015

6020 Magazin wrote a great portrait of our band in its current issue. Everything you always wanted to know about what our parents think about our music, why we have played South America but never played Vienna and what makes us so damn likeable... (German only unfortunately).


Check out the online version here:

"High Lands" ready for the pressing plants

14. Aug 2015

We are totally stoked by the results of our new recordings!! The songs are now mixed and mastered and ready for the pressing plants. The album will contain six songs with a total playtime of 37 minutes and will be out on Sound Zero within the next weeks. CDs will be ready for the upcoming tour and vinyl will follow a little later this year! 


As our previous albums, "High Lands" was produced and mixed by Mathias Magerle (no person other than this guy will ever be asked to do so!) and this time mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering. Those guys did an incredible job!


Tracklist is:

1. Traces
2. Feels Like Riding
3. Grey Spring
4. Charma
5. Ghost
6. The Thief


The artwork was done by our singer Julia, by the way!


We can't wait to hold that piece in our hands! Hope you guys feel the same!



























Recording the new album

06. Aug 2015

The recordings for the new album are done! If everything works out we'll have at least some CDs ready for the tour. Vinyl is going to follow later this year! And as we did not mention it so far: the album will be called "High Lands". Stay connected for some news!





























Tour announcement / New Album / Call for Help

17. Jul 2015

Why doing millions of posts if you also can announce all the great tidings all at once!?! So here are the news on 

- the (so far unannounced) tour !
- the (so far unannounced) new album !!
- and our little call for help


We are pretty excited to have the pleasure of supporting our dear friends of Parasol Caravan on their autumn tour to Germany and Austria. Check the attached event for the tour dates!


And we are going to bring along new material and - if the pressing plant can manage to support us with the new album in time - new LPs/CDs!!

And yes, we need a little help. We are still looking for a chance to play in Southern / Central Germany on Sep 11th before we join Parasol Caravan in Erfurt the day after. So if you are able to help us out with this or if you know somebody who would be able to do so then please let us know!








































South America Tour Video

13 Mar 2015

Exactly one year ago we took our flights back home after our South America Tour! And even if this last year has passed very quickly, all the impressions, that we have gathered during our 3 weeks in Brazil and Argentina, are still more than present and it feels as it were yesterday.

We still owe one of the times of our lives to the guys of Abraxas, who made all this possible, our hosts in all the different cities that we've visited and of course to all you guys out there who came to our shows and made every single one a big party and a time we'll never forget!

So we finally made a little tour video to share all this with you and one last time we want to say Muito Obrigado! and Muchas Gracias! to all of you out there!

And now, as we need a good reason to come back: Full speed ahead towards the new album!






















New Song - "Charma" (rehearsal recording)

13. Jan 2015

As we have promised you at Christmas on Facebook, we precorded one of our new songs from our upcominig album for you guys. So let's keep it short and simple: Here it is! We hope you like it as much as we had fun recording it!





New Shirts - Desert Musicians of Bremen

27. Jul 2014

Our new Desert musicians of Bremen shirts (we hope you know that Grimm fairy tale...) are suitable for every mood. If you feel happy  or if you want to express any other mood (see photo from left to right: angry, what-the-fuck-am-i-doing-here, sophisticated, whatever), then the new Sahara Surfers shirt is what you need to underline your emotional condition!


If you - after reading this - came to a point at which you simply can't live without this super awesome desert rock mood expression shirt you can certainly get yourself this masterpiece by ordering it on or by sending us a short e-mail to saharasurfers (at)


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